Men’s brains vs Women’s brains

Men’s brains are completely different from Woman’s brains.

Men’s brains have everything in little boxes. So they have a box for sports, work, woman, grandmother, dishes and joy and sex.
Woman don’t have these boxes. In woman’s brain’s, everything is connected. The children are connected with the car and the dishes and the kitchen and work and grandmother and the garden and men and sex and the weather and everything you can imagine .

Men’s brain have a tiny special box with nothing in it, the “nothing box”, they love this box especially !
Woman don‘t have this box, they also can‘t understand why men “don’t do anything” and keep feeling very comfortable with doing nothing.
The doing nothing box for woman is most of the time shopping, doing nothing with good friends in a busy day full of adventure, discussions and cooking sweet things, having great meals and diet’s newest experiences.

Woman and men, don’t understand each other, as long as they intend to look in a mirror in stead of a completely other specimen of the same latest new born – race came out of the universe.

We are different … inside and outside

We just have one chromosome more.


Men’s brains vs Women’s brains – Video by Mr Mark Gungor